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G-Land Activities

It's not always just about surfing in G-Land. There are plenty of other fun activities too.

Relaxing                                                                                Internet                   

Stand Up Paddleboards                                                      Gandrung Dance Party                                 

Entertainment Centre                                                          Snorkelling & Spearfishing                         

Wildlife                                                                                   Happy Hour

Photography service


G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp relaxing

At G-land there is no people hassling you to buy things, no thinking about where your going to eat, no need for crazy transport missions to get to the waves, and a feeling like your in a never-never land. Going on holiday is all about getting relaxation time, and in G Land there is no place better. Sunbathe on the beach, take naps after lunch, read books, do crosswords, watch movies, stroll through the jungle, perform yoga, meditate, there is so many relaxing things to do that leaves you totally at peace with yourself.


g-land bobby's surf camp wifi    

G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp have an Internet cafe as well as WIFI hotspots in Superior, Deluxe, Standard, the bar, restaurant and beach which covers near the entire camp. Great for keeping in touch with family and friends and checking the latest surf forecasts.           

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Stand-up Paddle Boards

G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp Stand Up Paddle Board

In camp there are a handful of stand-up paddle boards of different sizes, for guests to use in the mid to high tide lagoon or out in the waves if they are feeling brave!

A great way to keep fit on small days or in the lagoon for something different, fun and challenging.


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Gandrung Dance Party

Full Moon Dance Party Band         G-Land Full moon dance party TK Dancing       

G-Land Full Moon dance party Ware Dancing         G-Land Full Moon Dance Party

Every month on the night of the full and new moons, G Land Bobby's Surf Camp hosts an Indonesian style dance party, known as 'Gandrung'. The Gandrung involves a traditional band that play their music all through the evening, along with a handful of beautiful local girls dressed in fine traditional costumes. These girls dance to the music, and all our guests are encouraged to go up and dance with a girl. It is great fun, and seeing some of the dancing styles of the surfers is always interesting. It is a great cultural experience, and many of the songs and dances have meaning to the local area. For where G-Land is located is considered to be a magical place.

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Entertainment Centre

In our G-Land Surf Camp there is a building which houses 2 pool tables and a ping pong table. On a regular basis the surf guide in camp will have pool tournaments where all the guests and staff are welcome to join in on heated competition. Up stairs is a big movie cinema, which has a really big screen TV, good sound system, sofas, and is sound-proofed with egg cartons! Every night after dinner a new release DVD is played, and anyone can go up and enjoy the cooler air-conditioned climate and wind-down watching a movie.

g-land bobby's surf camp entertainment area

Above: Guests and staff enjoying a Pool Tournament in the entertainment centre

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Snorkeling & Spearfishing

Snorkelling in G-Land    g-land bobby's surf camp spear fishing

In camp we offer free usage for snorkel masks and flippers for guests. Dive into the high tide lagoon or if your more game go out to where the waves are and explore the mysterious G-Land reef that creates the amazing waves. See the many fish swimming around and the beautiful coral reef creatures.

Bring your spear gun if you enjoy spear fishing! There are some good sized fish nearby and keen spear fishers often come back with some great catches. Our kitchen staff will cook the fish up for you and your table will be dining in style that night.

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G-Land Monkey        G-Land Komodo Dragon

Checking out the wildlife in G-Land is a treat in itself. Being located in a huge national park with no bustling cities, traffic, or such, you would think your on another planet, or are back in time a few hundred years. The jungle boasts alot of wildlife. Monkeys, wild pigs and Komodo Dragons are regularly hanging out the back of the kitchen in camp waiting for food scraps. Beautiful Black Monkeys can often be seen jumping around the bamboo and trees, doing huge death defying transfers. Deer that look like Bambi make cameo appearances also. Rumor has it there is some big cats deep in the jungle but none have been seen for over a decade.

Our camp transport vehicle can take guests to another part of the jungle 10 miles away where there is a big look out tower to view big portions of the national park, as well as check out some cool meditation caves.

g-land bobby's surf camp reef bird    g-land yellow beaked bird

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Happy Hour

G-Land Sunset    G-Land Bintang    g-land setting sun

Every afternoon at 4pm the beer fridge is wheeled down to the beach, with music, and here you can get possibly the coldest beers in Indonesia! Enjoy cold Bintang beers whilst you watch the last emerald lit waves of the day run down the point, and from 5pm till 6pm experience the amazing sunsets. Multiple colours often light up over the reef as the sun sets out too sea, and you tell yarns about the days waves and socialize with old and new friends. A truly enjoyable part of the G-Land day.

g-land surf sunset wave

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Photography Service

g-land guests checking photos

In camp we have resident surf photographer Dave Thomas and his assistant Norris, along with experience boat captain Allan.

These guys are using some of the best camera equipment available. They shoot a couple times a day from boat and from land, using a Canon 7D with some really good lens'. From the boat they can look straight into the tube, and from land Dave has exclusive usage of some custom built towers to get extra elevation for better shots. Whoever is in their shooting range will have their photo taken. The picture quality is very high and can be turned into poster sized prints even.

In the restaurant (as seen in the photo on the right) guests can browse through all the seasons photos on a big computer screen, or they can go out to Dave's photo studio in the camp and look at photos there too. You can buy your photos from Dave, and he will burn them on to a disc so you have life time memories of your G-Land trip.

g-land bobby's surf camp photography

Norris snaps up another sequence of a surfer getting barrelled while Captain Allan keeps the tinny in position

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