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G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp Family

A few families who holidayed at the same time in G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp the past few years

In the 80's and 90's G-Land was considered a true hard core surfers destination, and taking a female partner let alone kids was not common place.

During this past decade that has been changing more and more each year as G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp have been improving facilities and upgrading the food menu's every year. Our staff are also super friendly and love kids. Superior rooms with nice en suites keep the females happy while ping pong & pool tables, movie cinema room and exotic animals to see keep the family entertained.

Now we have couples coming for honey moons and vacations as well as entire families coming for their yearly vacations, and everyone has a great time.

g-land bobby's surf camp puma and kids

Puma with "Spock's" 2 grommets. All the staff are very good with kids and make them feel right at home

The grommets and girlfriends can go surfing down at Tigertracks and 20/20s with our ease of access to those waves, and small Kongs is great for them too. These waves are also fun for the man as well as they are high quality and good shape, perfect for ripping it up. Dad can tackle the bigger more challenging waves out front while the family are frolicking in fun playful waves.

Tigertracks also boasts possibly the most beautiful beach in the vicinity of G-Land, and is very nice for family to hang out and enjoy for the day.

G-Land is good for families because they will get unforgettable great memories. Its a holiday, with the atmosphere of the beautiful beaches and natural forest that creates the feeling of intimacy amongst families.




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