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G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp Meals 2014

Bobby's Staff prepare many kinds of meals. The kitchen staff have devoted themselves to cooking you the most delicious, healthiest, international menu available. You don't have to worry about the food when staying at G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp, they will serve you up 3 hot fresh meals a day to keep you energised for the surf.

The G-Land menu this season brings you high quality foods, we take pride in using only the freshest, healthiest foods and all your meals will be made to order, just the way you like them. The menu includes specialities from Italy, Thailand, Western countries, Mexico, Japan and Indonesia.







The breakfasts in G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp are large and provide alot of goodness and energy for  you too surf all day. There are a customizable options for breakfast, and you can have all the freshly daily made toast you like with them:

  1. Your choice of Eggs with bacon, avocado, vegetables, ham, onion, and cheese; Porridge with honey & muesli; fruit salad; juice; tea, coffee & hot chocolate drinks.

  2. Your choice of Jaffles (toasted sandwiches); Porridge with honey & muesli; fruit salad; juice; tea coffee and hot chocolate drinks.

  3. 3 slices of French Toast, Porridge with honey & meusli, fruit salad, juice, tea, coffee & hot chocolate drinks

g-land buffet night


For lunch you can choose from many things. A large selection of sandwiches, pasta meals, pizzas, burgers, fries, salads, indonesian dishes, and vegetarian dishes will ensure you don't go hungry! All meals come with optional pancake, ice cream or fruit salad.

If your still hungry through the day there are fresh daily made buns with peanut butter, jam and vegemite spreads, and biscuits to snack on.


Right: Guests lining up for Buffet Night


Buffet Night

A couple of times a week guests get to enjoy 'Buffet Night' which is where they line-up and load their plates with a lot of food. Rice, Vegetables, Chicken, Beef, Fish, Sauces, Potatoes, Tempe & Tofu are just some of the food dishes available on these nights.

There is no way you'll go hungry after getting a serving of each dish from the buffet, and you can go up for seconds if need be.