G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp Official New Zealand Agent


James Burton at Tigertracks

James Burton - New Zealand,
August 2014

"After some internet research on Grajagan I needed some first hand experience as to whether this would be a place that ticked all the important boxes for me. I am not a BIG wave surfer so I specifically wanted to ensure that Grajagan would indeed have some other choices to surf when the really big swells hit. Jarred conveyed from his experience that yes there would be good options for me..........I booked for 9 days and after surfing everyday I extended a further 6 days.
I had numerous questions I needed answered about this trip which Jarred was able to help with and could only be answered by someone who has had years of experience and exposure to this area.
All the planning, fine tuning, payments, copy of passport, pickups and transfers all went as expected with no problems thanks to Jarred. I will be back to G Land again and again......life in this jungle is hard to beat.
- James Burton...... ( a 60 year young surfer who holds a paddle )"


Ste'en Webster setting up a solid G-Land tube

Ste'en Webster - Raglan, NZ
October 2012

"Jarred's help was the deciding factor while contemplating my trip to G-land. He responded to every query (and I had plenty!) with the full low-down... getting this firsthand info from someone in the know makes all the diff - and sure enough my trip flowed like clockwork as a result. He helped plan everything from start to finish, and being able to pay by direct bank transfer before leaving New Zealand saved a lot of hassle. Bobby's Camp itself was fantastic; great camp set-up and staff, really comfortable cabins, and delicious food - not to mention the ice-cold beers on the beach each evening. Met some really cool people during my stay, and of course the waves were amazing - heart rate through the roof on more than one occasion!"

David Newport tucked into a G-Land tube


David Newport - Hamilton, NZ
July 2011 & July 2012

"Jarred helped organise our G-Land adventure right from the outset. Everything from sorting travel dates to advice on what boards would go the best. Upon our arrival in Bail the Bobby's staff were waiting to pick us up, and after a hassle free fastboat transfer we were eating breakfast at G-Land by the next morning. Then it was 9 days of eating well, sleeping in comfort, and scoring some of the best waves of my life. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. Epic."

Chris Luke in big G-Land barrel




Chris Luke - Taranaki, NZ
October 2010 & July 2011

"This is a plug to book through the RODMAN
 For anyone interested in travelling to GLAND
The goal of a surf trip is to get the perfect WAVE
 Rod knows this area in which he STAYS
 His knowledge and experience of this BREAK
 Will help even the average punter TAKE
 Waves that may ALLUDE
 But instead, stand you tall in the TUBE
 No stress and hassle from arrival till the END
 Dollars well worth the SPEND
 Shot Rod - Lukey"

Michael Holmes on a Money Trees wall



Michael Holmes - Hamilton, NZ
July 2011 & July 2012

“Bobby’s is such a sweet camp, from the moment you make the booking to the moment you return everything is organised, too easy.  Bobby’s camp life starts with getting up a bit sore, choose your days meals, eat breakfast, surf, hang, eat lunch, surf, hang on the reef front downing a few beers watching the sunset with the boys, telling the days stories, followed by another good feast before crashing again for another big day! Jarred shows you around on the first day and sets the camps chilled vibe with his daily yoga and hand drawn swell report graphs...a tip, 3/10 g-land actually means 9/10 at home so get out there.  First trip this year and definitely going back next... for longer”