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G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp Tide Charts 2014

Tides play a big part of surfing in G-Land. For instance full and new moon tides will make the tides get really high but also really low. While 'Neep' (in between full and new moon) tides will have not so high and not so low tides. It is generally more crowded during the full and new moon tides, yet in the Neep tides the waves can still be pumping. Speedies is the one section at G-Land where you must have full or new moon high tides to surf. Check with these tide charts to see what tides you would like to get with your trip, and feel free to contact Jarred to discuss the tidal conditions for your desired time to go to G-Land.

The entire season's tide charts have been uploaded into special G-Land charts (Java time).


G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp August Tides 2014

G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp September Tides 2014                G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp October Tides 2014


G-Land Surf Money Trees Low Tide

Assessing the full moon low tide conditions