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 G-Land Surf is stereotypically known for its grinding down the line barrels over shallow reef, especially when almost all photo's depict surfers slotted and committed into gaping top to bottom pits. In reality, those photo's are mostly of one section of a very long stretch of reef. When guests stay at GLand there is an abundance of waves on offer, from the grinding left-hand barrels G Land is famous for, all the way down to small hot-dog right-handers.

G-Land Map

The waves up the point rarely drop below head high, and flat days are almost unheard of. If the big main point break is too much to handle for your skill level, there is always quality waves further into the bay.

G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp is located directly in front of Money Trees, making the main point break directly accessible, and conditions can be assessed with a quick stroll through the camp onto the beach. To get to 20/20's and Tigertracks you can enjoy a scenic walk through the jungle or beach, although most people prefer to use our transport truck or zodiac with which we offer round trips for just a few dollars.


Right: Map of G-Land taken from Google Earth



G-Land Speedies Rodrigo Tratjano

Speedies is no doubt the jewel of G-Land. This is what the hardcore, experienced surfers come for, to take off at 'Launching Pads' and come flying into the Speedies freight train barrel. Expect to go the fastest you've ever been on a surfboard, and blow your mind if you score one of these gems. Strictly full and new moon tides are needed, anything below 2m of tide is really dangerous, and a mid-tide will be draining dry reef.       


Right: Regular Bobby's guest Rodrigo Trajano scores a monster tube at Speedies


Below: Eddy 'The Predator' Blackwell sets up a boxed out barrel      

 Eddy Blackwell Speedies G-Land

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Money Trees

g-land money trees matt dobell

Money Trees offers beautiful long walls that provide nice almond shaped barrels and allow full speed on rail surfing. Not as shallow or gnarly as its neighbour Speedies, but still possesses plenty of power and speed, and stand up barrels can be had. Money Trees can be surfed on any tide, even at low tide. This part of the reef would be the most consistent of the G-Land Surf, almost every day waves can be had along here.


Right: Matt Dobell slicing the top off a beautiful Money Trees wall



Below: Jarred finds a sick Tree barrel

G-Land Money Trees Landshot Jarred Hancox

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G-Land Surf Kongs

Kongs is best on the smaller days at G Land, its a full swell magnet being at the top of the point. Surfers can unleash all their lip moves and link together long combinations and enjoy really fun rides. The reef is not shallow here, and the wave isn't as heavy as Money Trees. Its a great warm up wave before taking on the more powerful waves down the line.


Right: Jarred knocks the top off a playful Kongs section



Below: Jarred finding some late afternoon backlit golden wall at Kongs


G-Land Surf Kongs Reo

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G-Land Surf 20/20s line up shot

20/20's is the last left of the 2+km point. Because it is so far in the bay, it needs a bigger swell to work. It is basically a mechanical lefthander that allow for a few turns before easing off into a channel. Across from the channel is a righthander that can be fun on its day. Basically if the outside Bombie reef behind Money Trees is breaking, then those same swells will be surfable at 20/20's. When Money Trees is 6-8ft+ (double to triple overhead) then 20/20's will have fun mellow head high waves. Floaters, reo's, 360's and cutbacks are common place out here.

Right: Side angle look at 20/20's

Below: Jamie Mack shralps a 20/20's wall

G-Land Surf 20/20s Jamie mack slashing up

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G-Land Tigertracks

Tigertracks is an awesome A-Frame with other surrounding waves, 5km into the bay from camp. It is super consistent, and handles most sized swells. A nice bowling wave that allows multiple tight pocket turns, that peels in almost the same part of the reef every time. Very popular with girlfriends, kids, older surfers, and also advanced surfers that want to throw their board about.

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